Let’s speed up our path to climate neutrality - in our own company and beyond.

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How do we become climate neutral?

The EU wants to be a role model for others by becoming the first climate-neutral continent. Europe's current reporting obligations and sustainability goals call upon us to broaden our knowledge, acquire new competencies and change our mindset about climate change issues.

But it takes more than just good intentions. It takes a strong, cross-company community committed to pooling their creative energies, resources, and passions to save the planet.

That's why we at ada, together with partners from various industries, have created the digital "Sustainability Journey". Because together, we can make a difference.

What is the Sustainability Journey about?

Calculate - Reduce - Report

Companies are moving towards a greener future, and the ambitious goals of climate activists are being put into action. Concrete guidelines for managing sustainable systems, regulations for reducing emissions, and laws for accurate sustainability reporting are becoming as commonplace as a company's financial report. Being a pioneer on the path to climate neutrality offers a competitive edge for individuals and companies alike.

Learn how your organization can become climate neutral and how all employees can contribute in the Sustainability Journey. A 4-hour Learning Journey of videos, interactive elements, practical tips, and podcasts.


Why is carbon neutrality relevant for businesses? What goals do we need to achieve? How do we become climate neutral? What does sustainability mean for organizations in relation to climate protection? What can I do as an employee?

Use Cases

The Sustainability Journey contains three use cases from Stadtwerke Düsseldorf, Trumpf and Hansgrohe to help your company navigate the jungle of questions about climate protection regulations, terminologies, and sustainability in general.

Sustainable Tech Deep Dive

Why are technology and digitalization critical to accelerating climate action? How can Green IT help us achieve climate neutrality? What can we do to promote sustainable digitalization?

mix of video, interactive elements, practical tips, assignments, and podcasts
Use Cases showing companies on their path to climate neutrality
science-backed and engaging content for your journey towards climate neutrality
ada | community

Growth rarely happens alone.

The ada | community is a cross-company network that guides and supports you on your way to climate neutrality. All participants have the opportunity to join our virtual live events. There they meet inspiring speakers, can learn from and with each other, and discuss the following four topics:

  1. Calculate: What are the best practices for calculating our corporate and product carbon emissions?
  2. Reduce: What are some concrete, innovative, and inspiring Use Cases of how to reduce emissions
  3. Report: How do we use the sustainability report most effectively in our daily work?
  4. Integrate: How can we anchor our climate goals in our corporate and departmental processes?

It’s more than just networking!

Let's stop talking and start acting!

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