The future is here, and we’re doing everything we can to make it the best future for everyone. That’s why we founded ada. A platform and digital education initative for Germany — inspiring, inclusive and motivational. A joint venture by business, science, media, politics and administration. To transform "the Land of Poets and Thinkers" into a land of 80 million digital pioneers
Supported by the ada team and experienced partners* from the digital education sector - including the Hasso Plattner Institute and Code University - the fellows experience an interdisciplinary, part-time programme in which they learn more about the most important future technologies, their potential applications and the transfer to the digital change in their own organizations.
In addition to digital skills, the ada |fellowship is focused on building a community and learning from each other. In diverse teams, the Fellows work on joint projects. At our live events they have the opportunity to learn from the leading personalities and Those who are shaping the world of tomorrow. On site and in live video coaching sessions they are supported by our learning guides and coaches. *All learning materials are offered in German and English.

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Fellowship Goals

1. Understanding: Identifying, evaluating and explaining important technological trends and developments that can affect your organization.

2. Transfer: Apply the knowledge you have acquired and transfer it to new contexts in your organization.

3. Innovation: Develop and test prototype solutions for real challenges in your own organization.

4. Network: Establish a network of pioneers that will drive transformation processes together.

5. Self-reflection: Question personal thoughts on digital change, transformation and existing learning concepts.

Education Partners

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