We want things to pan out better for you than they did for our namesake, British mathematician Ada Lovelace: She was already programming the world’s first computing machine in the nineteenth century and, even back then, was able to predict the many possible applications that the modern computer would be able to fulfill. Ada’s breakthroughs were so unimaginable by her contemporaries that her genius remained unappreciated for a long time. And thus, the possibilities she unlocked with her invention remained untapped for many years.
How will we live in the year 2030? What role will Germany play in the age of artificial intelligence? What kinds of limits need to be set on algorithms? These are just some of the questions we are discussing at ada. If we find answers to these questions, we could reach our goal: Together with you and leading partners from the German economy we could transform the land of poets and thinkers into a society of digital pioneers.

ada is independent journalism, a source of inspiration and a stage for everyone whose thoughts about the world of tomorrow could benefit those of us living. We are confident, but not naïve. Concise, but not sweeping. Well-meaning, but not uncritical. Realistic, but not cynical. And all of these across a range of different channels.

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